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Richard Lim & Christopher Yeo,
lifelong friends and co-founders of HQ Gano Singapore who wish to make the health
benefits of Lingzhi,
accessible to all.

"Health is Wealth. Truly! I believe health should be affordable and accessible to all."
~ Richard Lim
Chairman | HQ Gano Singapore

A few years ago, Richard was introduced to the health benefits of Lingzhi cracked spores powder. Deeply impressed and curious, Richard embarked on a journey to further his understanding of this pricey, traditional, and seemingly magical medicinal fungus, through the remarkable processes of its growth, extraction, and functions. What started as a curiosity become his business passion. Richard’s vision is to make Lingzhi cracked spores powder accessible and affordable to all.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers."
~ Christopher Yeo
MD | HQ Gano Singapore

Christopher brings over 15 years of FMCG marketing experience to HQ Gano Singapore from his key role as former Managing Director of Eagle Brand Medicated Oil overseeing Eagle Brand’s global growth. Under his leadership, the household brand expanded to be sold in over 20 countries globally. Today, Christopher heads up HQ Gano Singapore as Managing Director.