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Lingzhi Cracked Spores, From Farm to Table.

At HQ, We ensure that our lingzhi cracked spores is 100% free from heavy metals. We utilize the best practices in organic herb growth, elevating Perionyx Excavatus to Perionyx Excavatus Vermicard (which is the world's best organic fertiliser). Sourced from Japan, our farm uses only Reishi mushrooms of Japan. Using our own formulation, we mix rice bran and corn bran to produce "organic Lingzhi embryo bags". For 250 days of culture in our irrigation process, we use purified water - as tested and verified by the Pasteur Institude.


For only 10 days a year, Lingzhi releases fine powdery seeds. When the mushrooms fully mature into fruiting or spore producing fruiting bodies, we harvest the cracked spores, which are more potent than uncracked spores. The spores, much like plant seeds, contain an exponentially high amount of beneficial components locked in a concentrated state. In order to access these actives and allow the body the ability to absorb and utilize them, the spores must be "cracked".


To ensure users get a pure product that is cracked spores concentrate, and to eliminate cross-contamination, we have put a series of policies and best practices in place. We do not re-use embryo bags to eliminate cross-contamination. Upon harvest, the mushrooms are dried by UV rays to destroy microorganisms, before it enter the extraction process.


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