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Does Lingzhi Cracked Spores help in gout?

Gout is a common form of inflammatory arthritis that is very painful. It usually affects one joint at a time (often the big toe joint). There are times when symptoms get worse, known as flares, and times when there are no symptoms, known as remission. There is no cure for gout, but you can effectively treat and manage the condition with supplements and self-management strategies.


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as lingzhi cracked spores has been applied to treat gout since the ancient China. In TCM, gout is classified as Bi pattern usually due to qi stagnation in the meridians and collaterals. Under the guidance of pattern differentiation, classical TCM formulas and agents isolated from some herbs have been applied to treat gout with satisfactory effect.


Case example from a gout patient: Suffered from gout problem at 45 years old, Uric acid 10mg/dL, Took Lingzhi product + avoided alcohol + seafood. Resulted in recovery from gout.


Patient was working at night and always fell asleep while driving. He couldn’t sleep and felt very energetic even after sleeping only 3 hours and have high uric acid and gout problem that reoccurred once a year, uric acid level can reach as high as 10mg/dL. He did not suffer from gout reoccurrence anymore after a period of consuming Lingzhi product.




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