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HQ Lingzhi Loyalty Program

Introducing HQ Customer Loyalty Program We're excited to introduce HQ customer rewards and loyalty program! Now you can earn rewards when you shop with us! With HQ loyalty and rewards program, you collect points which you can trade in for some great savings and rewards! Ways You Can Earn: Activity points Order 1 points / 1 SGD Rewards You Can Earn: As you collect points, you'll become eligible to redeem them for rewards. Here are some of the rewards you can redeem. Reward points 1 BOX LINGZHI CRACKED SPORES 450 points 3 BOXES LINGZHI CRACKED SPORES 1,350 points 6 BOXES LINGZHI CRACKED SPORES 2,700 points How to Get Started To get started, go to our website and place an order!...

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Why is Lingzhi Cracked Spores Important?

Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi or Lingzhi), a popular medicinal mushroom, is regarded by the Chinese as “mushroom of immortality”. It is believed that regular consumption of Ganoderma lucidum in the form of tea or mushroom powder can preserve the human vitality and promote longevity. Scientific investigations have been conducted to show its anti-cancer, hypoglycemic and immuno-modulating effects. Its bioactive components comprise of triterpenes, polysaccharides and immune-modulatory proteins   Previously Lingzhi was sliced, steeped in boiling water and drunk as tea.  More recently, however, Lingzhi extract was made available by drawing out the essence of the mushroom.  Today, it has been confirmed scientifically that the beneficial part of the Lingzhi is the spores.  The Lingzhi spore has a hard cell wall structure,...

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The Importance of Immunity: How to Build a Stronger Immune System

The Immune System — It protects us from diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and toxins, and helps remove foreign bodies and malignant cells from our system. In addition, the immune system is also responsible for down-regulating immune responses against external harmless triggers such as food, or against the bodies’ own tissue. On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes it fails; a germ invades successfully and makes you sick. But, is it possible to boost your immunity to intervene in this process? What if you improve your diet? Take certain health supplements? Make other lifestyle changes? In the hope of producing a near-perfect immune response, your first line of defense should be to live a healthy...

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Lingzhi Hacks: A Cheat Sheet to Improve Sleep

What's Reishi Mushrooms got to do with sleep? Understand the importance of sleep and discover the benefits of Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder capsules in our latest article about Reishi and Sleep. Bonus: Article features a case study of our client with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).  See how our Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder Capsules, along with her brand new sleep machine, has benefited her.

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